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Moral licensing in the world of design

The countdown is on to Ireland’s sci-tech extravaganza, Inspirefest 2017

Time running out to get your arms on Inspirefest early bird tickets

Construction commences on €500m Limerick Twenty Thirty development

Dave, technology and the power of people

Is UX the fresh ‘going to the gym’?

The world after PSD2: Compliant or competitive?

What can online retailers do to prevent Black Friday website crashes?

YouTube strengthens rules around kids’ movies amid growing concerns

Facebook admits anti-discrimination advertising policy isn’t working

Meg Whitman to step down as CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise next year

State Bank of India to launch blockchain-powered clever contracts

PwC global FS leader: ‘Blockchain is not going to switch the world’

US immigration bod seeking automated social media monitoring instruments

EU privacy regulators could launch investigation into Uber cover-up

What happens when supply chain meets blockchain?

IBM Ireland’s Fergal O’Sullivan on fintechs harnessing fresh technologies

Are financial institutions ready for blockchain and GDPR?

UK exposes rough fresh broadband ad rules for ISPs

Don’t be fooled – net neutrality could be killed in Europe, too

UK budget includes £500m investment in tech infrastructure

US telecoms regulator vows to dismantle net neutrality

Where in the world is the cheapest broadband plan?

Sky to bring fibre straight to Irish homes after striking major deal with Siro

Weekend takeaway: Nuggets of wisdom about fintech

20 of Europe’s best fintech start-ups to witness in 2018

Enterprise Ireland launches €150,000 Agile Innovation Fund

Investors divide in peer-to-peer lending

Applications open for €50,000 security accelerator in Cork

Middle Eastern promise: NDRC to help run accelerator in Oman

Weekend takeaway: Let your ideas fly into the sci-tech sky

Challenge yourself with these Ten Maths Week brainteasers

An Cosán co-founder Dr Ann Louise Gilligan dies after brief illness

Inspirefest 2017’s free Family Fringe to be a maker’s paradise this summer

David Puttnam steps down from role as Irish digital champ

Doodling and maths: A matter of black and white

Teagasc is sowing the seeds for more women in STEM

Team uses CRISPR to build the world’s smallest gauze recorder

Everything is illuminated: Light pollution increases dramatically

Mysterious rumbling deep in the Earth ultimately has an explanation

Weird world of lightning strikes exposes nuclear fusion bursts in the sky

Collagen implant could help brain repair Parkinson’s disease

Deutsche Telekom to launch fresh NB-IoT lab in Dortmund

Behold, 9 wonder materials for the world of tomorrow

Lil’ robots in our blood could soon be used to sniff out and treat cancer


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