E-Conveyancing – Archive

E-Conveyancing - Archive


GhostTracker is an online reporting contraption for conveyancers designed to manage all communication with their client base regarding the progress of a property registration.

Digital transformation

The Registers of Scotland (ROS) is undergoing a digital transformation, moving from a paper-based organisation to one that always does everything digitally as the very first option.

s118: Cpt – Admin Fee Account

The City of Cape Town has lifted the validation of the fresh Admin Fee process to permit a final grace period to address and resolve recurrent problems.

s118: Cpt – Refund automation

The City of Cape Town is in the final stages of implementing a system, which should go live by the end of January to automate the refund application process.

s118: Cpt – Incorrect payments

An increase in the number of incorrect payments and application rejections means that as from 08 February certain problematic applications will be rejected and closed.

A fresh conveyancing platform

The Law Society of Scotland in conjunction with ESPC and BDB Estate Agency Software is planning to launch a fresh digital platform – Altis – this year.

e-Deeds Bill published

The Deeds Registries Amendment Bill, 2016 and Explanatory Memorandum was published on the 4th of March for public comment to be received by the 4th of April.

S118: Cpt – Automation Go Live

The technical solution for the automation of refunds for final accounts as part of the S118 process has been implemented, but the business Go Live will be phased in.

S118 Feedback sessions

The City of Cape Town will be hosting information and feedback sessions regarding S118 Rates Clearance, Deeds and Refund Automation processes.


Korbitec Banking Services Division has rebranded itself as Gallium, and is poised to redefine how stakeholders participate in business across organisational boundaries.


As part of the Gallium suite of intelligent solutions Signisure is a game-changing platform that simply and securely facilitates all processes at the point of contract signature.

S118: Cpt – Automation gone live

The technical solution for the refunds Go Live has been implemented and the business Go Live for refunds is today, Thursday, Five May 2016 in a phased treatment.

Bolstered ID protection

Australia – fresh rules are now in place for property buyers and sellers resulting in a better safeguarding of their sale or purchase and minimising the incidence of fraud.

S118: Cpt – Application errors

An unacceptably high number of S118 automated refunds for the seller’s final account(s) are being returned by the financial institutions due to incorrect banking details.

A verification revolution

Australia – PEXA has introduced a fresh, more effective verification of identity standard (VOI Standard) substituting the traditional &lsquo,100 point&rsquo, system of identification.

Secure communication

GhostConvey’s secure communication channels protect conveyancing transactions and reduce the threat of fraud by inter alia keeping messages secret and tamperproof.

Cape Town – s118 fee increase

Cape Town: Section 118 Applications – Administrative fees for rates clearance applications are to increase from 01 July 2016.

Get strong

Prevent fraud happening by heading these tips for strong passwords, as the security of every platform/application ultimately depends on the user’s password.

Mangaung – s118 fee increase

Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality: Section 118 Applications – Administrative fees for Rates Clearance Applications are to increase from 01 July 2016.

GhostConvey/LexisNexis integration

LexisNexis&rsquo, Practical Guidance in Real Estate, Land and Conveyancing practice area has just become available to GhostConvey users.

e-Conveyancing takes off

Australia – South Australian conveyancers, solicitors, and lenders can now fully digitally exchange property via e-Conveyancing in what is a digital transformation.

No paper certificates

Australia – Paper certificates for property transactions once gave a sense of land ownership but fresh laws are switching that.

",Distracting", e-conveyancing law

UK – the Law Society has backed proposals to simplify the legal basis of electronic conveyancing in its reply to proposals for reform of the Land Registration Act 2002.

Form packing headache

Australia &ndash, a latest switch to a government form has unintentionally jammed a spoke into the wheels of the promising e-conveyancing industry.

Transfer duty delays

A number of solutions are given to some of the issues and problems which have been delaying the processing of transfer duty applications by SARS.

Modernising the process

UK: The Conveyancing Association has published a paper on &lsquo,Modernising the Home Moving Process&rsquo, outlining a future, more certain and semitransparent process.

National Mortgage Form

Australia – Property Exchange Australia Pty Ltd (PEXA) plans to introduce a National Mortgage Form (NMF) later this year to streamline property mortgages.

Plucky fresh world

Australia – an article in the Law Institute Journal about the Electronic Conveyancing clause to be included in all standard contracts of sale of real estate.

Ready for e-Conveyancing?

Australia: the introduction of a national e-conveyancing regime in constitutes the thickest reform to the industry since the introduction of the Torrens system.

Increasingly online

Australia: more property transfers are moving online as states are added to the fresh e-conveyancing network, according to PEXA the agency overseeing the rollout.

Absa Ensure Hub

An interview with Dawid Malan and Michelle Ramdeen in which they discuss the Absa Assure Hub, what it is, its roll-out, the needs it addresses and its future prospects.

Cape Town – s118 Applications

Cape Town: Section 118 Applications – processes for non-receipt of admin fee accounts and when Sellers’ details differ from Deeds Office and City of Cape Town records.

Cape Town – s118 fee increase

Cape Town: Section 118 Applications – Administrative fees for rates clearance applications are to increase from 01 July 2015.

Korbitec Online Training

The Korbitec Online Training Website is a resource that has recently had a face lift and a revamp to make it simpler and lighter for users to find the training material they want.

e-Conveyancing edge

Australia – A Q and A discussion about why online property transactions using Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) give busy conveyancers a competitive edge.

Scam news

Ann Bertelsmann, editor of the Risk Alert Bulletin discusses ",Friday afternoon", cyberfraud scams and warns that cyberfraud claims could be excluded from indemnity.


GhostChat: converting conveyancing communication – permitting attorneys and secretaries to communicate and share necessary documentation &ndash, securely, instantly.

State of the nation

E-Conveyancing: A state of the Australian nation update and a discussion of what e-conveyancing means for a conveyancer’s business.

Electronic signatures

A look at the legal validity of contracts using electronic signatures and data messages in South Africa in terms of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.

Ensure Hub

Korbitec has partnered with Absa in creating the Absa Assure Hub which will suggest conveyancers another aspect to a more secure banking and conveyancing environment.


Cape Town – Rates Clearance Automation and Portal – registration deadline for firms has been moved from 28 February to Ten March.

Assure Hub developments

Information for transferring attorneys about Absa’s digitally signed electronic assures and the characteristics necessary to confirm that they are indeed legitimate.

PropLaw meeting

A report back of the CLS Property Law Committee meeting with the deputy Mayor and senior City officials regarding problems with rates clearances and refunds.

Forging ahead

RatesClearance.com is well on track to meet the deadline of 1 July 2014 in rolling out Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) to Councils.

EFT Payment process

The City of Johannesburg has implemented an lighter and cheaper way for attorneys to pay for clearance certificates via EFT (Electronic funds transfer).

Conveyancing Portal

The Law Society of the UK is to launch the Conveyancing Portal, an online service that will help solicitors and licensed conveyancers save money and time.

s118 Escalation adjustments

Cape Town has adjusted its communication platforms and workflow for S118 applications and escalated matters, and conveyancers need to register for E-Services.

Ensure Hub

As Standard Bank now accepts digitally signed electronic Ensures issued off the Absa Ensure Hub here is a guide to identify the key elements of a valid one.

Utter functionality

Australia&rsquo,s very first national e-Conveyancing platform, Property Exchange Australia (PEXA), has just launched its total functionality suggesting in Fresh South Wales.

Affordable Housing Transfers

With the many affordable housing projects in South Africa GhostConvey has developed Affordable housing transfers, a solution for conveyancers treating these projects.

Ireland’s e-Conveyancing revolution

The largest revolution of the conveyancing system in Ireland has begun with the embark of the implementation phase of the Law Society&rsquo,s eConveyancing project.

Search Smarter

GhostConvey has just launched fully-integrated Deeds Office searching, permitting Conveyancers a convenient and direct link to live data from Deeds Office databases.

Common eFiling queries

A list of frequently asked questions and their answers about the fresh SARS eFiling system which went live a month ago.

GhostConvey eThekwini integration

During July, Korbitec Municipal Services will be going live with eThekwini Municipality thereby providing you simpler access to online rates from within GhostConvey.

PEXA launches in Victoria

Portal set to go live next year

The Law Society of England and Wales intends going live with their conveyancing web portal.


Delivering digitised land and property data directly to a conveyancer&rsquo,s desktop, has many benefits for the conveyancer and gives confidence to lenders and consumers.

The implementation of the City of Cape Town&rsquo,s fresh ISIS system has not been without incident and problems are being resolved.

Electronic Transfer Instruct

Get more exposure for your conveyancing practice by joining the REASA panel of attorneys and by having your rock hard listed on Property24.com.

Enhanced DOTS

WinDeed has just released a number of enhancements to its Automated Document Tracking (ADT) functionality.

Go mobile with Property24

Property24 gives estate agents an unprecedented chance to permit customers lightly accessible, real-time information, which is likely to boost both interest and sales.

Save with WinDeed

As from the 1st of April WinDeed customers began benefitting from amended pricing for Deeds Office document copies.

Mossel Bay rates clearance

Mossel Bay Municipality has compiled a list of rules and conditions that need to be complied with to ensure that your rates applications are successful.

SARS eFiling integration

GhostConvey 2012 has successfully integrated with the SARS eFiling system and free workshops are to be held around the country to prepare users for the fresh feature.

Ready for electronification?

The South African property industry is both ready for and moving towards an interlinked digital future as Internet invasion grows and collaboration increases.

",Find an attorney", is flying

Since February almost 500 attorney firms have listed on Property24.com and have commenced to love the benefits of broad Internet exposure to the public and estate agents.

Flying question

We response a question which was raised in last week’s ",Find an attorney", is flying about registering as a REASA panel attorney on Property24

A thing of the past

Rates clearance delays are quick becoming a thing of the past in Cape Town following delays in the transfer of property with the implementation of ISIS late last year.

Section 118 admin nightmare

The City of Cape Town has been inundated with incorrect electronic/Internet payments for Section 118 certificates, causing an administrative nightmare.

Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions is a product in GhostConvey which efficiently, and cost effectively facilitates the payment of the seller&rsquo,s rates and taxes on his behalf.

Section 118 payments

Conveyancers in Cape Town must with instantaneous effect refrain from instructing their clients to pay financial values for s 118 certificates directly to the City Council.

Document exchange

Salaried individuals no longer need to supply bank statements when applying for bonds at FNB, Absa and Nedbank.

Lodgment and queries

The City Council of Cape Town is to implement fresh measures from 30 July to reduce delays with rates clearance applications.

Admin fee collection

RatesClearance.com will now be collecting administration fees for generating rates certificates on behalf of Mossel Bay and Bitou Councils.

SARS Transfer Duty system launched

SARS’ modernised Transfer Duty system which was introduced in August will be mandatory from 1 October and conveyancers are urged to activate their eFiling details.

Jhb EFT payment process

As the city of Johannesburg strives towards better service, rates clearance certificates can now be paid via EFT.


A request for conveyancers and secretaries to liaise with the relevant departments regarding conditions when applying for Rates Clearance Certificates.

E-Filing amendments

Cheryl Claassen considers the practical effects for conveyancers, estate agents, buyers and sellers of the latest Transfer Duty e-Filing amendments.

Property descriptions

An reaction to a number of queries we have received about the description of sectional title properties on the fresh electronically issued Transfer Duty Receipts.

Garden Route Information Session

A Pdf document of the latest Korbitec information session held in Mossel Bay and George this week explaining the electronic rates clearance application process.

EDRs Bill

Ever wondered how the Electronic Deeds Registration Process will look? This PowerPoint presentation graphically gives us the lowdown on the Electronic Deeds Registration Bill.


Korbitec collaboration on the transaction hub, which is soon to be released links all participants involved in a property transaction, this week we demonstrate how the process works using screenshots.

Water certificate

As from the 18th February, the City of Cape Town requires that a Certificate of Compliance regarding water installations be submitted upon the transfer of properties.

Absa endorsement

After a successful pilot inbetween Korbitec and Absa, Korbitec’ s Property Transaction Hub has been endorsed by Absa to permit for the simultaneous registration of Transfers and linked Mortgage Bonds.

Planning to produce

The Registers of Scotland have published a corporate plan for 2011-2014, which outlines strategic objectives and concentrates on customer service and value for money.

On hold

UK – Land Registry has scrapped plans to use electronic transfers with e-signatures and to extend the use of electronic legal charges.

Significant switches

Sars has announced a number of significant switches and enhancements to the transfer duty process, which should speed up the issuing of receipts.

Accenture has signed an agreement to design, build, test and deploy Australia&rsquo,s national e-conveyancing system

Comparative explore of e-conveyancing – 1

The embark of a series of articles providing an overview of the how far e-conveyancing initiatives have progressed in a number of countries.

Comparative examine of e-conveyancing – Two

Ontario, Canada – widely recognised as the most progressive e-Conveyancing solution presently in operation and seen as a reference source for e-conveyancing solutions in other jurisdictions.

Comparative investigate of e-conveyancing – Three

England and Wales – in a very broad project, led and financed through the Land Registry, switches are being implemented but a number of hitches have also being encountered.

Comparative probe of e-conveyancing – Four

Fresh Zealand – Land Information Fresh Zealand (LINZ) has developed a partial end-to-end e-Conveyancing solution known as LandOnline.

Very rated

Transaction volumes of the online rates clearance solution, RatesClearance.com, proceed to break records and it has now been implemented at twelve municipalities nationally.


Automate rates clearance certificates to solve South Africa’s conveyancing backlog and attendant losses writes Cher Chapple.

Payment solutions

Korbitec recently launched Payment Solutions, a fresh service which will reduce the hassle and delays associated with rates clearance payments.

Project Isis

Section 118 certificates, attendant matters and the implementation by the City of Cape Town of Project Isis by the 28 November.


REASA (Real Estate Agencies of South Africa) is a fresh real estate industry initiative aimed at providing cost-effective and powerful online marketing channels for its participants.

One giant leap

Scotland is ready to demonstrate the world how to do e-registration, as ARTL’s official launch last month reminded us.

Two is better than one

WinDeed has introduced Experian credit bureau searches in addition to the existing TransUnion searches.

Impasse cracked

The impasse which threatened the development of a national e-conveyancing system in Australia has been violated.

Comments on EDRS Bill

The Property Law Committee of the LSSA dealt extensively with the definitions and all the sections and concepts in the Electronic Deeds Registration Bill in February.

Joint effort

A joint effort will be needed to solve the e-conveyancing puzzle with which Australia is saddled.

Combined platform

The successful merging of Korbitec and Property24.com means that property professionals and consumers will now have a truly comprehensive and industry neutral e-commerce property portal.

The future of conveyancing

UK – A future where non-lawyers could set up conveyancing firms and even supermarket chains providing conveyancing services is predicted.

Fully electronic property

The launch of Property24’s Electronic Transfer Instruction (ETI) product will see a seamless, fully electronic property transaction information chain.

Conveyancing 2015

Join the latest Korbitec roadshow in exploring the future of conveyancing in “The Market, the Players, the Technology!”


BridgingCentral – the online portal which links attorneys to bridging finance companies.


“InsureCentral” – the Korbitec Life Insurance Hub is to be officially launched in March. It is presently available on your GhostConvey system and activated for commercial use (Version Ten.7).

Effortless integration – II

GhostConvey resumes to effortlessly import accurate Deeds Office information into transfers.

Costly delays

Delays in Australia’s e-conveyancing system will result in homebuyers and investors missing out on saving millions of dollars.

CapX kick starts BridgingCentral

CapX Finance has become the very first bridging finance company to sign up with BridgingCentral.

Quince onboard

Quince Property Finance is one of two bridging finance companies to sign up with BridgingCentral in as many weeks.

ARTL Update

How goes the roll out of the Automated Registration of Title to Land (ARTL) system in Scotland?

Total collapse

Australia’s single national e-conveyancing system is edging closer to total collapse.


Australia’s planned national E-Conveyancing system has been thrown an Au$2m lifeline.


Ireland – over 1000 applications have been lodged by the Property Registration Authority (PRA) .

Talks begin

Australia – state governments, lawyers and bankers are talking about establishing a company to run the e-conveyancing system.


Korbitec GhostConvey customers in the City of Cape Town are now switching rates enquiries and clearance certificates directly through Streamline Solutions.

Improved access

UK – the mortgage industry has welcomed fresh government guidelines to improve access to local authority property data.

ARTL cometh

Scotland – An update from Registers of Scotland on the pending rollout of Automated Registration of Title to Land.

Cracking the oppressive domination

Duncan Samuel desired to create a professional environment that wasn’t stuck with the oppressive domination of time-billing and permitted people plasticity.


Avoid discount conveyancing, says solicitor.

Building the agenda

Australia – The National Electronic Conveyancing System (NECS) is one step closer to reality, despite a boycott of very first round discussions.


Recently FNB CPF (Commercial Property Finance) signed the GhostInstruct proposal which will see them going live with the system on 1 May 2008.

Spider search

There is a WinDeed Spider Search in the future of many legal firms.

Cut the crimson gauze

Australia – The Standing Committee of Attorneys General (SCAG) has agreed to recommend the implementation of a nationwide electronic conveyancing system.

WinDeed hits the road

Roadshows about the fresh searches and improved functionality of WinDeed will be run around the country in May.

WinDeed hits the road – II

Roadshows about the fresh searches and improved functionality of WinDeed will be run around the country in May – details now available for Port Elizabeth and East London.

WinDeed roadshow

WinDeed to connect the DOTS.

Digital deeds subjugation

Every year Dutch notaries or bailiffs submit one million deeds digitally using eConveyancing.

White elephant

Australia spends $40 million on one online property transaction.


Australia – The Council of Australian Governments has approved a single national electronic conveyancing system.


Australia – National e-conveyancing has been given the go ahead and impediments are being cleared.

Dotty about DOTS

WinDeed Systems is pleased to announce the release of its Deeds Office Tracking System (DOTS).


Hong Kong uses e-Stamping to protect against fraudulent property transfer documents.


The Law Society of Ireland has proposed an overhaul of the way property deals are conducted.

E-Conveyancing in India

India is to implement a National Land Records Modenization Programme (NLRMP).

Making DOTS work

The revolution proceeds with WinDeed’s launch of automatic document tracking.

Secret ECV

The Victorian Government has secretly spent ems of thousands of dollars developing a third version of its electronic conveyancing system (ECV).

Effortless integration

GhostConvey + WinDeed = effortless importing of accurate Deeds Office information into transfers.

Neat overview

Richard Gilchrist gives a neat overview of e-conveyancing in England.


In a vote of confidence, FNB Home Loans is to standardise and carry all electronic instructions via Attorney Gateway.

Final phase

Land Information Fresh Zealand is preparing for the online lodgement of title and survey transactions.

Law rock hard speeds up mortgage process

UK – A fresh system improves application processing time dramatically at Goldsmith Williams.

Phased treatment

Land Information Fresh Zealand is abandoning its planned big bang roll-out for the third phase of its online transformation, after consultations with outer users.

Consultation starts

A pilot for compulsory e-conveyancing in the UK will be launched in October.

View the chain

House buyers and sellers across England and Wales are now able to view their chain electronically using the Land Registry’s fresh Chain Matrix system.


Online mortgage transactions proceed inexorably forward in Canada.

Attorney Gateway

Korbitec in partnership with FNB recently launched Attorney Gateway … the alternative instruction provider of choice.

HIP displacement

England – HIP displacement: a painful process according to CML News.

A partnership

Attorney Gateway is an innovative messaging system uniting FNB’s systems and attorney conveyancing software with many benefits.

ARTL step

On 28 July the very first live transaction on the live Land Register was effected.

My Home Budge

Is a swift operator in the UK.

Registering the World

“Registering the World” is the title of a conference on land registration and administration being held in Dublin this week.

Very first National Bank’s Attorney Gateway

Fresh Age electronic instructions.

Clots block system

Bad blood exists inbetween Victoria’s lawyers and the state’s conveyancers.

States debate

Australia’s states are debating the merits of Victoria’s fresh electronic conveyancing system.

ARTL moves

Scotland – several dozen transactions have been finished via automated registration.

WinDeed update

WinDeed’s fattest update was recently released and it has lots to suggest property professionals.

Fraud fears

UK – The Land Registry has eliminated online access to documents including mortgage deeds and leases over concerns fraudsters are taking advantage of the service.

Digital deeds office

Deeds registries have begun converting from dual-head microfilm cameras to digital scanners for use in archiving.

Property web portal

UK – Chain Matrix will permit online views of transactions in the buying process.

Five Million

Canada – The Five millionth electronic land registration was submitted for registration in Ontario on August Trio, 2005.

E-Conveyancing by 2009

UK – All conveyancing in England and Wales could be carried out electronically by 2009.

Reform group’s e-conveyancing plans

Ireland – Proposals aimed at developing an electronic system for the transfer of the ownership of property in Ireland have been outlined.

Reform group’s e-conveyancing plans

Ireland – Proposals aimed at developing an electronic system for the transfer of the ownership of property in Ireland have been outlined.

Pilot in October 2007

UK – The go-ahead has been given for Land Registry to launch its e-conveyancing pilot service in October 2007.

Teranet eConveyancing

Ontario’s eConveyancing solution is regarded as the most progressive presently in operation.

Fresh Windeed

Windeed will soon bring you maps and aerial photographs of property, and vehicle and driver information.

Landdirect.ie goes live

Ireland – Land Registry Ireland has gone live with landdirect.ie.

Ample support

E-Conveyancing receives enthusiastic support from the property profession.

Chain check

The Land Registry is developing a prototype system to permit property buyers to check the status of all purchases in their chain.

Slow e-conveyancing

Australia – an academic has coerced a rethink of the legal framework supporting Victoria’s E-conveyancing project.

Roll out

A look behind the scenes at the English and Scottish e-conveyancing roll-outs.

E-matrix delay

The Land Registry’s launch of its e-conveyancing chain matrix pilot has been put on hold until early next year due to technical difficulties.

Electrical picnic

The idea of secure, paperless, electronic conveyancing transactions is not the stuff of science fiction.


The Council for the National Land Information Service (C-NLIS) was officially launched in London last week.

Digital home buying

Taking the real estate industry to an Internet era when buying and selling property can be as fluid as trading stocks, could happen.

EC in Australia

Australia has big plans to do away with the paper shuffle which attends conveyancing.

Innovative idea

The United Kingdom’s Land Registry processes approximately £1 000 000.00 worth of property every minute.

Wily Technology

The UK Land Registry cannot afford to tolerate any possible system failures or system outages in its proposed online services.

Standard procedure

The PISCES system has become the data exchange standard in the property sector in the UK.

NLIS searches

The National Land Information Service has had over Five million searches since February 2001.

IBM bags £,21m e-conveyancing deal

The Land Registry’s delayed electronic conveyancing service for house buyers in England and Wales is set to be piloted in 2007 as part of a £21m deal signed with IBM.

Rates presentation

The City of Cape Town has joined other councils in permitting attorneys to request Rates Clearance Certificates electronically.


ConveyanceLink™ is an innovative ‘Pay as you Convey’ case management system.

Lexis comes in market

LexisNexis, the legal publisher, has launched a software package that it claims will enable petite law firms to rival on an equal footing with Tesco.

Irish address

An address by Minister Lenihan at the launch of the Irish Law Reform Commission’s Report on Reform and Modernisation of Land Law and Conveyancing Law.

E-Conveyancing will crash

Bob Browning has now determined that since the British government has e-conveyancing off the ground, it will fly – but crash and burn.

E-Conveyancing solution

Exweb eConveyancer provides a comprehensive conveyancing referral service to brokers and intermediaries.

The Conveyancing Hub

How the click of a mouse could buy and sell houses in just 15 minutes.

Fighting form

Computers are fairly stupid machines. They might be able to calculate the highest prime number, send a probe to Jupiter or launch a missile, but they have no intuition.

NECS is Australia’s joint government and industry initiative to create a more efficient and convenient way of completing property transfers and registering land title switches.

E-conveyance walkthrough

Canada – Watching truly is believing.

Thrust for e-transfers

Australia – Mr Simon Libbis wants to take conveyancing online.

ASP very first in conveyancing

Transact Direct, which is claimed to be the UK’s very first secure internet-based and finish end-to-end conveyancing portal, has been launched.

Vic online

Conveyancing and the lodging of discharge, transfer and mortgage documents is set to become lighter in the state of Victoria, Australia.


The barriers inbetween traditional and electronic commerce have been liquidated by the Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act, which has created technology neutrality in law.

Effortless PSC

An Edinburgh technology specialist has launched a fresh free property service matching cost-conscious house buyers with a solicitor or estate agent best suited to their specific needs.

Final paper register

One hundred and forty two years of history made way last month for the fresh, when the Land Registry converted its last ever paper register.

Observe: Windeed + GhostDeed = Windeed GD

Soon, Windeed and Ghostdeed, South Africa’s premier search brands, will merge to form a single killer-application. Win deed GD is the very first step in the process.

House interchanges online

Conveyancing is the process that time left behind, according to Fiona Delahunt, program manager of the Victorian Government’s Land Exchange project.

Know your neighbour

Cardiff-based property search specialist Richards Gray has launched an online service providing more in-depth information on properties and the adjoining area.

E-conveyancing will not fly

“Before I launch into my rant, I should point out that I am not a conveyancing experienced” . yes fairly.

Hong Kong reforms

After a decade of investigate – and wrangling – lawmakers have approved legislation that will substitute Hong Kong’s antiquated land registry system with a land title scheme similar to those used in most developed economies.

UK Land Registry Tender

The UK Land Registry is looking for a supplier for the provision of support for the development of services required to enable e-conveyancing.

Radical Irish law reform

A massive project to radically reform and modernise the Irish land and conveyancing law is to be launched.

E-conveyancing could save the day

Some solicitors feel enslaved by the financial power of lenders. Now e-conveyancing could help them build up influence according to the Law Gazette.

Lagos launches E-Registry

The Lagos State Government is in the process of launching a landmark electronic device for accessing land titles.

Buying a house in pyjamas

Would you buy a house in your pyjamas?

E-system by 2006

England’s Land Registry expects to pilot a utter e-conveyancing system in 2006, chief executive Peter Collis told delegates in Birmingham.

e-Signature Mortgage Applications

Since January last year, Quicken Loans has been using Silanis’ fully electronic mortgage application process for the Web.

CML response to Electronic Communications Act 2000

Response of the (English) Council of Mortgage Lenders to the draft order under section 8 of the Electronic Communications Act 2000.

The Beginning.

In the articles that go after over the years ahead, we wish to create a forum for debating the future of electronic conveyancing or e-conveyancing in South Africa. The problems raised by e-conveyancing are myriad and elaborate.

Looking at e-conveyancing in England

This is the very first in a series of articles in which I will investigate the state of electronic conveyancing in England. This article serves as a embarking point, it will outline the problems faced and the solutions proposed.

Electronic Land Registration – 1: Options from a legal perspective

In this the very first half of a must-read two part article, Gustav Radloff analyses the potential legal options for the implementation of an electronic land registration system. He writes that the challenge is to have a speedier and more cost-effective land delivery system without compromising the accuracy and security of title now loved by the South African public.

Very first paperless property transfer

The very first fully paperless real estate transaction took place as long ago as July 2000 in Broward County, California.

Electronic Land Registration – Two: Options from a legal perspective

In this the concluding part of an significant article, Gustav Radloff proceeds to analyse the challenges and opportunities that will arise in an electronic land registration system. He concludes – correctly we believe – that a post paper land registration system will be even more dependent than it is now on the continued integrity, qualification and training of the deeds office examiners and conveyancers in private practice.

E-conveyancing consultation report published

After an extensive consultation exercise, HM Land Registry has published an interim consultation report: e-conveyancing. It summarises the views voiced by the legal and property professions regarding plans for the introduction of an e-conveyancing framework.

Earth to Raymond

The e-conveyancing revolution is attempting to lead us into a paperless world. However, could this process of elimination prove to be a misguided concept? Read on for a contrarian view on the e-revolution.

Plucky fresh e-world

In Plucky fresh e-world, Allan Carton looks at the political, economic and social factors that are driving forward the evolution of residential e-conveyancing in England. He also warns solicitors that they must take steps to prepare for the unavoidable electronic future.


This article looks at the need for developing a common data exchange format in England – namely the Property Information Systems Common Exchange Standard (PISCES). The introduction of which will permit collaborative online deal rooms and switch e-conveyancing.


On-line lodgment of survey plans and routine title dealings via the Internet is now a reality in Fresh Zealand with the begin of Landonline Stage Two. Coupled with online searching of Fresh Zealand’s authoritative land title and survey database, the electronic lodgment now being piloted is a world very first.

The state of the e-conveyancing nation

Problem: Convert South Africa’s 200-year-old paper-based land registration system into a meticulously modern remote-access system. “How and why?” I hear you sob.

Proposed land management model

Development of a Cadastral and Land Management Model for Existing Informal Land Rights in South Africa by Mark Van Den Berg and Peter Hoffmann presents us with a model that will provide a cadastral and land management framework aimed at securing the land rights of all South Africans.

Volume conveyancing

The nature of high volume, swift turnaround conveyancing is assessed in Volume conveyancing: Can it supply quality with quantity? On the Property Forum.

Next phase

E-conveyancing in England took a step closer to fulfilment with the publication of the commencement order for the Land Registration Act 2002. This act underpins the proposed electronic conveyancing system.

Online property tracking now in South Africa

Hassle-free Web-based tracking of conveyancing transactions has just moved a step closer with GhostEnquiry.

E-Conveyancing and the Torrens System

In a paper entitled Electronic Conveyancing – Challenges for the Torrens System, Russell Hard-ons discusses the application of information technology management abilities to conveyancing.

What benefits?

While IT offers many benefits, pretending that e-conveyancing will radically ease the trials of moving house is misguided, says Raymond Perry in The human side to IT in the Law Gazette.

Virtual real estate

The world in which people buy houses online, never having visited the property nor met the seller, agent, a transfer attorney or even a home loans manager face to face, is here.

Company registration enquiries

An enhanced version of GhostSearch has been released which offers the capability to search the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO).

Electronic SG diagram requests

An enhanced version of WinDeed has been released which offers the capability to request Surveyor General diagrams.

Online survey lodgement

On Trio November Land Information Fresh Zealand (LINZ) released a digital lodgement service for surveyors.

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