ETC Bounties

ETC Bounties

Bounty list:

#1 Patch for MyEtherWallet. Prize: 7,Five ETC

Users find it difficult to distinguish which chain they are in when they use the MEW. The only difference is now a single character in top right corner. I want someone to write a github patch to switch color theme when the user will switch to ETC. You should leave blue ETH theme without switches and substitute blue colors with green in ETC theme.

It should look like this for ETH:

I believe that this will significantly reduce the number of user errors. I will pay 7.Five ETC to the person whose patch will be accepted. I think it is only a few lines of code. MEW on github

More bounties coming soon .

#Two Improvements of Ethereum Classic Wikipedia page. Prize: 15 ETC

The Ethereum page has much more content, but the underlying technologies of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are exactly same. It is needed to improve ETC wiki and provide more content.

NOTE: you should be able to prove yourself as author of switches

#Trio ECNS bugbounty: 75 ETC (or Five,Two ETH)

ECNS ported from original ENS of Ethereum Foundation.

Differences inbetween ENS and ECNS are:

1. ECNS will not burn funds. There is a special burn address at the Registrar that will receive funds at demolish of the Deed instead of searing them.

Two. ECNS registry natively supports namehash algorithm. It is possible to call namehash(string) and get its nameHash without having to implement the algorithm by third parties.

Trio. There is a function to extract stuck ERC20 tokens from each contract: Registry and Registrar. I hope no one will throw tokens into Deed because of it’s not a contract that users would interact with and there is no need to spend extra gas for this.

Four. rootNode is .etc

#Four CORION bug bounty program. Prize: 250 ETC.

CORION is a complicated system of smart-contracts. It is presently under bug bounty. Look here for more details.

#Five ETC movie contest bounty. Prize: 2-6 ETC.

I did a lot of research about novelties of many different cryptocurrencies including AEternity, PIVX, DASH, DCR, ETH, zCASH, ZClassic, ZEN, XVG and so on .

I can conclude that community of Ethereum CLassic is extremelly puny compared to this crypto currencies’ communities.

There are many movies that represent other cryptocurrencies for the general public. There is a special channel signifying PIVX for example.

Creator of the 2nd movie by the number of views will receive Four ETC.

Third movie creator will receive Two ETC.

or send it by e-mail:

Movie bounty will end at 15 August, 2017

(after the very first movie bounty will end the 2nd bounty program could be launched)

Related movie: Das Potential von Ethereum Deutsch

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